One family made the most of eight days of life, with a dear child, here with us at Emily’s House….

The grandpa wanted his granddaughter to experience putting her toes in the sand.  So, he went down to the lake, released a flower on the water, and collected a cup of sand from the local beach to bring back to her at Emily’s House, and his brand-new grandchild had a chance to experience sand on her feet.

Her dad’s dream was to watch a hockey game with his daughter.  During her eight days, Dad and his baby girl, wearing their official team jerseys, climbed into a comfy chair in front of a big-screen T.V., and watched an entire game together.  And, knowing that he will not have a chance to share a first dance with his daughter on her wedding day, he sang to her, and they had their first dance in the family room at Emily’s House.

The entire family – baby girl, mom and dad, and both sets of grandparents — had only eight days together.  And, supported by our Emily’s House team, they did all they could to make every moment count for those eight short days.

The intention of all the Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care (PAC) and Emily’s House programs and supports is to make the most of the moments available.  As one client in the community wrote: “The Philip Aziz Centre, through their volunteer/buddy program, have made my life so much easier.” A client’s partner wrote about PAC and the PAC volunteer program: “They give me such a relief knowing I can go out and about, even for just a few hours, knowing that Richard is with his ‘friend’ who is taking care of him.” And, from her family’s experience at Emily’s House, a mom shared: These are memories that we will never forget, and ones that mean more to us than you will ever know.”

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Given eight days, or an abundance of days, every day is a precious gift.  One invaluable contribution you can make today, is to help provide compassionate hospice supports for those in need.  With your help, we can make the most of the moments available.

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