Video Filmed at Emily’s House – TVO / The Agenda with Steve Paikin’s Ontario Hubs – with Jeyan Jeganathan

This documentary-style video captures many voices and experiences of the paediatric palliative care experience at Emily’s House children’s hospice. 

 “I can’t say it enough. Emily’s House was our haven” ~ Marlene Geremia, Matthew’s Parents

 Emily’s House folks featured:

  • Rauni Salminen, CEO/Founder
  • Amy Ross and Chris Manning, parents of Baby Grace
  • Kenishia McLeod, an Emily’s House mom
  • Bruno and Marlene Geremia, Matthew’s Parents
  • Geremia Twins Daniel and Alexander – Matthew’s brothers
  • Gavin Ridgeway, Emily’s House Volunteer
  • Lisbeth Paisley-Smith, Emily’s House Volunteer
  • Lisa Brugger, RPN
  • Heather Shillinglaw, Coordinator of Recreation and Legacy Programs
  • Elizabeth Kagabe, PSW

To view the TVO documentary-style video:






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