Scarborough Toyota Customer Appreciation Day:
Emily’s House Children’s Hospice to be Featured as One of a Dozen Local Charities
Customers Can Vote for to Receive a Bigger Charitable Donation from Scarborough Toyota


(Saturday, July 21, 2018) TORONTO, Ontario – Scarborough Toyota is increasing their annual donation to support local community organizations in Toronto. Last year, they donated $100,000 to less than a dozen organizations.  This year, Emily’s House children’s hospice has been added to the expanded list anticipating a donation.

The interesting and interactive part of the event is that customers and community locals are invited to visit the dealership, and cast a vote for their preferred charity from the organizations featured, so that three charities will receive an even higher donation amount.

We hope our friends of Emily’s House who are in the neighbourhood, and new friends, drop by SCARBOROUGH TOYOTA,(1897 Eglinton Ave E), check out the display, and cast a vote for Emily’s House!  Please make a “pit stop” if you can: Saturday, July 21st between 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

“We didn’t want to be like everyone else and hand out a cheque and be done with it,” explained Scarborough Toyota President, Paul Walters, in the 2017 press release: “We wanted to get out there and physically provide a helping hand in as many ways as we could.” At Emily’s House, we are certainly encouraged by Scarborough Toyota’s commitment to community.

July 2018 also marks a milestone anniversary for Emily’s House residential children’s hospice. “Emily’s House celebrates five years of operations and being host to over 1,739 total admissions since opening our doors.  Families have received care and support at the most critical and difficult time of their lives,” explains Rauni Salminen, CEO and Founder of Emily’s House / CEO of Philip Aziz Centre.  “What began as a vision, encouraged by the families we supported through our visiting hospice programs, has grown into a compassionate and welcoming home for families, caring for children with complex, life-threatening illnesses. Thank you to our tireless, passionate and committed team.”

Testimonial – from an Emily’s House mom:

“When it comes to my son, there are many things that I don’t get to choose, like, for example, my son is gonna pass.  But, you know, I couldn’t have chosen a better way for it to happen. It’s happening around people that now love him. … If I had to choose how my child was gonna go, I couldn’t have chosen anything better, literally, I couldn’t have.”

About Scarborough Toyota

Scarborough Toyota is a care dealership that has been serving the community for almost four decades.  It’s main message is one of unwavering commitment to the Toyota brand and core value of putting their customers first. The dealership has a known history of donating and giving back to the community and places emphasis on employing many from within the Scarborough community.

About Emily’s House

Emily’s House, Toronto’s first paediatric residential hospice, opened in July 2013, in response to the special needs of children facing the challenges of living with a life-threatening illness.  Emily’s House offers specialized care, as well as play, art and recreation programs to help enrich lives through all stages of a child’s illness, as well as supports for parents and sibling in our hospice home.

For more information:

  • Scarborough Toyota, 1897 Eglinton Ave E, Scarborough. (416) 751-1530 /
  • Emily’s House Children’s Hospice, an operating division of Philip Aziz Centre Visiting Hospice, 558 Gerrard Street East, Toronto. (416) 363-9196 /