Accessing Services to Emily’s House
A referral to Emily’s House can be made by a parent/guardian, physician, general physician, nurse practitioner, nurse, social worker, or case manager. We also invite you to visit Emily’s House, to meet our staff and tour the facility, as you consider this option for your child. Please click here contact us to schedule an appointment for a tour.

Eligibility for Services

Emily’s House services are available to children who fulfill the following eligibility requirements:

  • 0-19 years of age
  • Have a valid Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)
  • Have a progressive life-limiting illness or major medical disease that demonstrates a progressive decline

Accessing Standard Respite

  1. Please complete the Application Form and send it to the Intake Coordinator by fax or email.
  2. The Intake Coordinator will contact you by phone within 24 hours of receiving your application form.***Note: You will receive a response Monday morning for applications submitted during the weekend.
  3. The Intake Coordinator must meet with you and your child to assess eligibility for Emily’s House Programs and Services. The Intake Coordinator will visit you in your home, community, or hospital. We suggest that you also have a tour of Emily’s House to become familiar with our facilities and services. If eligible, your child can access Emily’s House programs.
  4. The Intake Coordinator will request you to complete the following forms:
    1. Application form
    2. Emergency Information form
    3. Respite Consent form
    4. PRN Medication form
  5. You will receive an Emily’s House Family Handbook, which gives you information about our programs, staff, facilities and guidelines, and what to bring for your Emily’s House visit.

Booking a Planned Standard Respite

  1. You may email, fax, or phone in requested respite dates. We recommend booking 1-2 months ahead.
  2. The Intake Coordinator and staff will do their best to meet your respite care needs. The Intake Coordinator will organize the respite schedule and will contact you by email or phone regarding your scheduled respite.
  3. Your respite dates will be booked once they are confirmed via phone or email.
  4. You will receive a pre-admission phone call one week prior to respite admission. The pre-admission phone call will include reviewing your child’s care plan, assessing your child’s current health status, medications, what to bring, activities at Emily’s House, and arranging pick-up and drop-off times. Please note that children who are not at their baseline (ie. suffering from an acute illness) may be declined respite.

Accessing Pain & Symptom Management, Advanced Respite, Perinatal Hospice, and End-of-Life Care

  1. Please contact our Residential Care Coordinator, at [email protected] or 416-363-9196, to make a booking at Emily’s House.
  2. The Intake Coordinator will arrange a visit with you.
  3. A Paediatric Palliative Care Common referral form will be completed and faxed to the Community Care Access Centre Care Coordinator and Paediatric Physician.
  4. The Intake Coordinator will coordinate admission to Emily’s House.