Celebrate Life, Creating Memories

Whether a life is measured in days, weeks, months or even years, children living with a life-limiting diagnosis deserve the opportunity to learn, play, develop and grow…to just be kids.

Laughter, learning,play, comfort and care…is what Emily’s House is about.

Featuring a home-like, comforting environment, Emily’s House is dedicated to caring for children with complex needs while supporting their families. With around-the-clock nursing and medical support, Emily’s House offers pediatric care, specialized programs, comfort, and respite to help enrich the lives of children and families, through all stages of a child’s illness.

Emily’s House is named in honor of an inspiring young person we have supported through our “hospice to home” programs for the past 7 years. Her courage, faith, compassion and gentleness are qualities we want to reflect.

Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to helping children and their families achieve the best possible quality of life together. We understand that our patients and their families each face unique circumstances and challenges, and we strive to support them in all aspects of their experience.

Tour Emily’s House

We invite you to visit Emily’s House, to meet our staff and tour the facility, as you consider this option for your child and family. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for a tour.

Also, you can Take a Virtual Tour of Emily’s House.


Emily’s House Family HandBook

For more information for families considering Emily’s House, please download an Emily’s House Family Handbook:

  • Emily’s House Respite Care Family Handbook Information Guide for Children, Youth and their Families – Respite Care
  • Emily’s House Palliative Care Family Handbook Information Guide for Children, Youth and their Families – Palliative Care



Care Programs

  • Respite Care

Allows families a break from the daily routine of care giving. Programs operate 24/7 offering medical supervision, nursing, recreational, psychological/spiritual, bereavement and educational support services.

  • Pain and Symptom Management

Children with pain related issues may be admitted for assessment and monitoring while medication and treatment changes are implemented.

  • Transitional Hospital and Home

Children may transition from hospital to their own home via Emily’ House support programs that provide practical support and education where needed.

  • Spiritual Care and Bereavement Counseling

Families experiencing the loss of a child will be offered bereavement care. Spiritual care is also available through the course of the illness and after death, for clients, parents and siblings.

  • Perinatal Care

Journeying with parents through pregnancy, birth, death and bereavement while honouring the life of the child.

  • End-of-Life Care

Resources and support is provided to families, allowing them space to focus on optimizing the final days with their child.

  • Community Care (volunteers)

In-home volunteer support is offered to those client families who leave Emily’s House but still feel the need for at-home support. Our trained and compassionate volunteers have been specially prepared for working with children and are equipped with practical ideas for relating to children with illness or end-of-life issues.



Emily’s House provides free peripheral support therapies that are intended to enhance and support the core care provision for client families. These optional therapies are proven to help alleviate pain, emotional suffering, boredom and loneliness during extended or intense illness. Support is also available for siblings.

  • Art Therapy

Art therapy is proven in palliative circles to help reduce anxiety and provide some means of emotional expression. Emily’s House has trained staff and volunteers as well as physical resources such as an art room and art supplies to allow for satisfying creative exploration. It is one of the children’s favorite therapies!

  • Play Therapy

Play therapy at Emily’s house provides children opportunity to express their feelings and emotions through play. Children are provided with play therapy techniques and materials that will encourage them to process and express what their unique experience is in the universal language of children’s play.

  • Snoezelen Room:

A controlled multisensory environment is a therapy for children with developmental disabilities and/or complex care conditions, and consists of placing them in a soothing and stimulating environment, called the “Snoezelen room”. These rooms are specially designed to deliver stimuli to various senses, using lighting effects, color, sounds, music, scents, etc. The child is accompanied by trained staff or a volunteer.

  • Music Therapy

Like art therapy, music therapy is intended to take minds off the reality of pain or suffering into something beautiful, fun and creative. Many of our young clients have enjoyed the attention of our in-house music therapist who encourages the children to discover the joy and relaxation and expression of feelings through musical expression.

  • Spiritual Care

At Emily’ House we aim to provide spiritual care according to a family’s context and need. Questions about life, death and spirituality often emerge during times of crises such as end-of-life. For some, spirituality is expressed in the form of religion and others with a less formal approach. The important thing is that the client family directs the type of spiritual services needed for the child and we aim to deliver compassionate care accordingly. Emily’s House has professional Chaplains on staff who are able to either provide spiritual care directly or indirectly by making appropriate referrals. A quiet meditation room is provided at Emily’s House for client and staff use.

  • Bereavement Care

Many client families appreciate access to bereavement support counselling, either individual and/or group. It is an extremely difficult and isolating transition between the intensity of caring for a sick child to grieving their loss. The Emily’s House Chaplains and other support staff are trained and compassionate care-givers in this field.

  • Recreational Camps, After School Programs, Outings & Parties

Our very popular camp and recreational programs allow children to participate, play, and just be kids, while providing a needed break for their caregivers. Children are able to attend the camp program of their choice. Some attend overnight camp, while others attend day camps closer to home. One camper wrote: “Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to attend summer camp this year! It was a great experience for me and my new friends. I am already looking forward to going to camp again next summer!” Our Play Therapist also organizes outings and special occasion parties for the kids.