Vicky: A Volunteer’s Story

Vicky is a front-line volunteer and knows what it is like to outlive her client.

Vicky has a huge heart for hospice, which was all the motivation she needed to become the top fundraiser at the Toronto Hike for Hospice event. She launched a very personal, hand-written letter campaign that moved her community to donate!

Vicky’s Emily’s House client Fara*, passed away after they had spent only three volunteer hours together.

Vicky understands that “Everyone will eventually be touched by palliative care. When I support Emily’s House, I am preparing for my own family….I hope to be as emotionally intact as I can be. I am going to need help to hold it together. When it’s time to care for my own family, I will welcome the support of hospice care.”

* Fara’s name has been changed in order to honour her privacy.