“Often, the busy and sterile environment of the hospital does not foster the peaceful surroundings desired for pediatric palliative children, and achieving optimal end-of-life care at home can sometimes prove challenging for some, or for others it may not be desirable. Emily’s House offers a tranquil atmosphere and security for children and their families when the home or hospital may be impractical.”
-Adam Rapoport, Medical Director, Emily’s House and Pediatric Advanced care Team, Sick Kids Hospital

“Thank you for addressing not only the full spectrum of needs of the patient, but also for making therapies available to ensure the ongoing well-being of the patient’s parents and siblings. May you always have this capacity to address mental health issues for all who need support from Emily’s House. It is key to our ongoing survival.”
– Lindsey Yeskoo, Emily’s mother

“I love music because it distracts me from the severe pain I fight each day. I have a music therapist and a wonderful volunteer who visit me each week. We have fun painting, making cookies and playing games. As well, I have benefited from the help of a chaplain. I asked her to help me pray, as I sometimes get scared and need some guidance through this unusual life.”
– Stephanie, 11 years old, living with a lifelimiting illness

“Unlike adults, palliative children have wonderful powers! Children can make you forget that they are palliative. She taught the world around her more than it could possibly have taught her. I’m not sure what came first, the honest bravery or the cancer. She would be listening to J-Lo, practicing her dance moves with her cat! Not a care in the world. She would forget…until she was unexpectedly out of breath and had to lie down…then both of us would remember.”
– Sara Hines, volunteer

“Volunteer training has given me the tools and inspiration to give back to the community. It has deepened my respect for life and my ability to provide care that enhances the lives of those in need.”
– Jason, volunteer for five years

“Respite care is the idea of giving caregivers – who are almost parents – a break. It gives the families a chance to recharge their batteries so that when the child is ready to come back home, they’re ready to go.”
– Adam Rapoport, Medical Director, Emily’s House and Pediatric Advanced care Team, Sick Kids Hospital

“As Fara’s caregiver, my hope was for a moment without pain, a moment for her to embrace her mother, a moment to smile for the sake of smiling, a moment to laugh for the sake of laughing, a moment to hope.”
– Vicky, a volunteer for Fara, an Emily’s House client who passed away in fall 2012

“My one regret is that we found this home at Emily’s House so late in his life…. We could put our heads down at night and feel comfortable knowing that he was happy and cared for.… You gave us our life back…. You made us healthier as a family, and made us happier, better able to cope when the caregiving strain got too much.”
– A grieving father