Tanika’s Organ Transplant Victory

Tanika was admitted to Emily’s House for transitional care while waiting for a double-lung organ transplant, and a miracle.  She is the remarkable young girl who inspired encouragement from organ transplant survivors around the globe, while inspiring others like her, all from her respite bed at Emily’s House children’s hospice.

While residing in our hospice home, the Emily’s House team was hands-on, committed to helping her access quality of life as you can only imagine for a child with a life-limiting illness. As part of the Emily’s House Recreation Program, Tanika enjoyed a visit from a celebrity athlete, outings to a swimming pool and a unicorn cafe, and expressed herself artistically with coloured pencils, real clay, and decorations on baked goods. She played with puppies, was treated to a facemask and a hand manicure on a simulated spa-day at Emily’s House, and enjoyed squeezing all the joy she could from life, while “being the hero of her own story.”

We are happy to share that her surgery was successful.

Photo Caption: Special thanks to World Transplant Games gold medalist, Grey Brett, who brought words of encouragement to a child waiting for her organ transplant surgery.