Baby Stephanie’s Story

When two-month old baby Stephanie was released from hospital, she was not ready to go home. Her inoperable heart condition meant complex medical care needs, and demands her first-time parents were not prepared for. Her dad works two jobs and long hours. Without Emily’s House, her mom would be home alone and struggling. Baby Stephanie recently celebrated her six-month birthday at Emily’s House with birthday cake, toys and staff making it happen. Like most babies, Stephanie smiles, chatters and is attentive to her surroundings. However, this does not make up for the fact that her prognosis is challenging.

As with any child who knows she is loved, Stephanie’s eyes light up as she recognizes her Dad’s face as he comes through the door. It’s almost like being at home.

“We celebrate her birthday every month because for us it’s a miracle that she’s still alive” says Cherry, her mother. “It’s a great experience that we are here. It’s amazing”.