“Fearless” Cassidy

“Fearless” Cassidy was an aspiring Pan Am swimming contender, until her cancer recently accelerated.

At fourteen-years of age, Cassidy spent a lot of her time at Emily’s House painting and creating, with her family and friends all around her, including:  friends from school; her swim team; and those who were in remission after their own, personal journeys with cancer treatments.

They organized a big baking party for Cassidy.  She needed some help measuring ingredients, but insisted on doing as much of the baking as she could.

One very special celebration included the very talented Eleanor McCain, who came to Emily’s House to sing for our dear, sweet, special guests.  They came when they heard that Cassidy wanted to hear music, “like what she hears in church.”  A beautiful circle of music was created in our common area.  Eleanor’s angelic voice, brought smiles, tears of joy, appreciation, and love.

“Cassidy was grateful that she could stay in Emily’s House to end of her journey. Cass was so thankful to the nurses and the staff at Emily’s House in her daily prayers.  She always wanted to spend more time and more fun time with her nurses and staff there. She really enjoyed their presence.” ~ Cassidy’s mom.