Allan’s Waves of Love and Inspiration

Allan’s “Our Story” is more of a photo montage than a story.

Thank you to Jessielyn and family for sharing so many great photos of Allan, and for celebrating Allan’s Waves of Love and Inspiration.

To mark this one-year anniversary in memory of Allan Roy Roxas, the family is delivering 200 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts across the city.  Allan, Jessie’s teenaged son, died at Emily’s House one year ago: February 9, 2020 at 1 pm.

Emily’s House sends “waves of love” to everyone who remembers Allan.  Thank you to Costco Thorncliffe Park, Costco on the Queensway, every retail donor, and every individual who purchased donuts, ate donuts, donated over the past year to the family’s fundraising campaign, cared for Allan, … and added more waves to the love.

Thank you to this generous family for sharing Allan with us, and tributing his memory by raising funds for children and youth in need of palliative care.

Allan’s family and friends continue to fundraise to celebrate his memory.  To donate to Allan’s Waves of Love: