Hockey for Grace 3-on-3 Memorial Tournament & Charity Social in Support of Emily’s House

August 29th & 30th 2020

Charity Social October 17th 2020

Hockey for Grace is a two day memorial Hockey Tournament & Charity Social in honour of Grace Manning. Grace was born on February 16th 2016, eight weeks early, tiny but mighty. Our hearts shattered shortly after her arrival when we learned her time on earth would be short. While Grace was here, her home was Emily’s House, a children’s hospice in Toronto: the only one of its kind in the GTA and one of six in Canada. They took care of us as well as our families. Feeding us, caring for us, and letting us live like a normal family while having the medical supervision we needed.

Emily’s House allowed us to live with Grace instead of just
watching her die, filling her short life with many memories, adventures,
and all the love in the world.

Hockey for Grace is a way for us to celebrate and keep Grace’s spirit alive. Grace’s father Chris, a die hard Habs fan, was able to watch a Montreal Canadiens game with Grace while at Emily’s House, jersey and all. The tournament was an idea that stemmed from this and was a way we could not only create a legacy for Grace, but gave us a way to give back to an organization that we will forever be indebted to. This event has given Grace a legacy beyond just our grief: a way that she can continue to touch the world the way she touched so many in her short time here.


This year marks the start of something special. 

Since our journey began and in the three years we have run this tournament we have met so many other families along the way both from Emily’s House and outside. One of the biggest things we’ve heard and one thing we know to be true for ourselves is that hearing people speak our daughters name means so much. 

“When you say my child’s name you
are not reminding me that they died.
What you are reminding me of is
that they lived, and that is a great great gift.”
Author Unknown

That is why this year we will be naming all teams after a baby or child that has passed. Below you will find a link to each of the 20 teams. We invite you to go and read their stories, get to know them and feel the love that they brought to this world. You can also make a donation to the team(s) of your choice as this year we are encouraging all teams to participate in fundraising with ALL DONATIONS being donated to Emily’s House. If you would like to learn more about the tournament, take part or are interested in making a prize donation or becoming a sponsor please head to our website at

The Hockey for Grace 2020 promo video is awesome!  Check it out by clicking the picture:







Hockey for Grace Teams for 2020

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 Team Grace

Team Ethan

Team Bridget

Team Matthew

Team Dylan

  Team Rylie

 Team Cole

  Team Charlee

Team Aubrey

Team Ollie

Team Juliana

 Team Nicholas

Team Ava

Team Grace Audrey

Team Alyeska

Team Leo

Team Hayden & Avery

Team Gideon

Team Margaux

Team Jack