Two new videos were “unveiled” at our gala fundraiser for Emily’s House, with the common theme of an Emily’s House “Thank You” Letter.

Both videos are independent of one another.  You’ll notice the sound / voices are the same for each.  One features random folks who were offered a free coffee if they read the letter, and the other video features visuals of our real families, staff, volunteers and friends. (At gala, we previewed the coffee shop version first, which was followed by the care givers version).

 Emily’s House Letter in a Café

Video credit:  3C Marketing, with support from Hale Coffee.

 Emily’s House – Families, Volunteers and Staff Read Thank You Letter

Video credit:  3C Marketing, with funding support from The Mostt.

Feedback so far has been very positive from the families who are featured, who were happy to participate in this project to increase awareness and funding for more care for more Emily’s House children and families.

We encourage everyone to help tell the Emily’s House story, and to share the new “Thank You Letter” videos.