2020 Virtual Garden Memorial at Emily’s House

We gather together in June of each year to remember and pay tribute to the amazing children who became a part of the Emily’s House family.  The Pandemic has brought with it great challenges and it has impacted our ability to gather in person to greet one another, reflect and give thanks for these children as we would normally do.

With input from our Parent Council we have decided to prepare a virtual memorial service (on video) which will include Ava’s Garden, where a stone for each child (their name engraved into it) will be placed.  Normally, this is a moving in person experience for the child’s family as they lay the stone in the garden.

Even though it is not possible to individually lay your child’s stone in the garden, we would like to invite you to come and see the garden in person if you would like after the Virtual Memorial Service.  This in-person visit has to be arranged in advance, as at this time, visits into the House are not permitted.   One parent suggested that if you do come to see the garden that you might also bring with you a picnic to enjoy in the park right outside of Emily’s House.

The video service will include the elements of our past memorials and will be made available to you through a link sent to your email.  In our desire to protect your privacy we do need your permission to read aloud your child’s full name.  If we do not receive this written permission we will read only your child’s first name.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I am available on my cell phone at 647.554.9196 and through email at [email protected].

The team at Emily’s House always look forward to seeing you and remembering your family – please know we will be with you in spirit and on video!!


Click here to download the Permission form: